Connection of low voltage cabinets in distribution rooms

In the electrical design drawings of the design institute, it is common to see the design of low voltage cabinets and low voltage cabinets using bus ducts as the contact bus (bridge bus).

This is because in the low-voltage distribution room, due to space constraints, low-voltage cabinets have to be placed in double rows, or even three rows of layout. At this time in order to "communicate" between rows of cabinets and rows of cabinets of the current, must use a large current, high protection, beautiful and compact "contact" equipment, and the characteristics of the busway can meet these requirements.

Connection of low voltage cabinets in distribution rooms (1)

These bus ducts are visualized as "contact bus" or "bridge bus", and such bus duct system usually consists of the following parts: ① bus duct ② connector ③ mounting bracket ④ start box ⑤ transition copper row.

Connection of low voltage cabinets in distribution rooms (1)
Connection of low voltage cabinets in distribution rooms (2)

Measurement and construction of bus ducts in power distribution rooms have their special characteristics.

1. the need for distribution room transformers and low-voltage cabinet position in advance: because the design, manufacture and installation of bus duct size requirements are very precise, so need to be installed in advance of the distribution room transformer and low-voltage cabinet can be measured. 2. the distribution room construction cycle requirements are high: after the transformer, low-voltage cabinet construction is completed, the bus duct directly determines the overall bus duct measurement and construction has its special characteristics.

2. High construction cycle requirement of distribution room: after the construction of transformer and low voltage cabinet in distribution room is completed, the time of bus duct in place directly determines the time of completion of the overall project, which requires the shortest time to put the bus duct in place.

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Post time: Jan-02-2024