Dense busbar strain relief and heat dissipation performance

The dense busbar installation can be directly connected from the transformer to the low voltage distribution cabinet, or directly from the low voltage cabinet to the distribution system as a distribution trunk line, it replaces the traditional power supply cable and can be used in buildings, workshops and other high current places instead of cables. The dense busbar trough has many advantages, it has a large current carrying range, 400A-6300A can be designed. The plug-in box can be swapped in any jack position, and the cost of post-renovation is low. When a dense busbar is selected for use, it generally has a small voltage drop requirement. If there is a short-circuit in the circuit, the short-circuit loading capacity is also very strong and can be used with complete confidence, while the safety performance is high and the service life is long. Dense busbars have a very good strain relief and can be flexibly added or replaced in the equipment of the distribution system.


The small size and footprint of dense busbars and the overall aesthetics of the busbar can be installed in the open, making installation easy and fast, saving a lot of labour costs.


The busbar shell is extruded from aluminium-magnesium alloy, so that even if the insulation inside the busbar bays burns, the fire will not reach the outside of the busbar. The insulation and sheath of an ordinary cable will burn, and a flame-retardant cable will also burn under the flame, and only after the flame has left does it not burn. The insulation of the cable is both an insulating material and a heat insulator, so only 2 layers are allowed when power cables are laid in the bridge. The dense busbar trough emits internal heat quickly through the close contact metal shell, so its heat dissipation performance is superior to that of the cable.



Post time: May-04-2023