Features and common problems of dense busbars

Characteristics of busbars
Dense busway understand the characteristics of busbars and why they are so suitable for specific areas? Dense busbar trough is very suitable for the renovation of workshops and old enterprises. It has several characteristics as follows.

1. Stronger heat dissipation capability
Dense busbar trough phase and phase and phase and shell are close together, so it can withstand larger electric stress and thermal stress. And the heat generated by the conductive row can be quickly dissipated, and the load capacity is large.
The joints are fastened with insulated bolts and connected with double-connected copper rows, which effectively increases the contact area of the joints and greatly reduces the temperature rise of the joints.

2. New generation of environmental protection products
The conductive row of dense bus bar is wound with flame retardant cross-linked polyethylene heat-shrinkable sleeve, which has strong insulating performance and no toxic gas emission in case of fire.

3. Flexible wiring
Dense busbar trough plug interface setting is flexible and convenient, and a large number of jacks can be set, with strong versatility, so that when adjusting the location of power-using equipment, there is no need to change the power supply system.


Common problems of busbar trough
1. What about water in the bus bar?
First of all, it depends on the protection level of your busbar, if the protection level is high, some small amount of water is not much harm to it, if the protection level is low, you have to clean up the water before use, otherwise there will be a short circuit. Protection level is IP such as: IP65 The larger the number, the higher its dustproof and waterproof ability.

2. What is the difference between busbar and wiring trough?
There is not much difference in the material used, only in the size of the difference, but there is no fixed that this specification must be used for busbar or wiring trough. The difference between bus bar and wiring trough: Bus bar generally refers to the power circuit with the line trough. Wiring trough refers to each branch circuit with the wire trough.

3. Why do bus ducts need to be installed with spring brackets?
It can eliminate the vibration of busbar due to electric power.


Post time: May-04-2023