Large building power distribution

In many high-rise buildings, large complexes, bus ducts are more and more widely used, such as: large shopping malls, real estate, star-rated hotels, office buildings, airport terminals, high-speed rail stations and so on. It is compact installation space, simple and clear lines, convenient way to get electricity by more and more customers.

Large building power distribution (1)

Large buildings can be divided into two overall busway lines: vertical direction, horizontal direction.

Vertical bus ducts are generally deployed in the shaft of the strong well, the height of the floor as a break, connected through the connector, there is a socket on each floor to deploy the plug box, through the plug box for each user to take power. This line is equipped with connectors, socket boxes, spring supports, intermediate supports, terminal boxes and other auxiliary functional components.

Large building power distribution (2)
Large building power distribution (3)

Horizontally, the bus ducts play the role of liaison: the current from the low-voltage distribution cabinet is transported to the bus ducts on the negative floor, and then through the plug-in boxes on the bus ducts in the strong wells, power is transmitted to the users on each floor. This line is equipped with: ① bus ducts ② connectors ③ mounting hangers ④ starting busbar ⑤ starting box ⑥ transition copper rows and other auxiliary functional components.

Large building power distribution

These large buildings have a very large number of equipment lines (air ducts, fire ducts, bridges, etc.) in the body, the installation space is small, the installation location is valuable, so the high protection, high compact bus ducts become the alternative to the complex multiplex cables, is the best choice for your engineering applications.

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Post time: Jan-02-2024