Pallet Type Cable Bridges Are Used In Petroleum Etc

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Pallet type bridge is a kind of bridge widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry, television, telecommunications, etc. Pallet type bridge has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure, easy installation, etc. It is suitable for both power cable installation and control cable laying.

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The surface treatment of pallet type bridges can be divided into galvanized, electrostatic spraying and hot-dip galvanized according to the needs of users, and special anti-corrosion treatment can be done in heavy corrosive environments. Pallet type bridge can be equipped with shield, when you need shield, you can specify when ordering, and all its accessories are common with ladder type and slot type bridge.

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Flame retardant and anti-static: polymer cable bridges use polymer materials, which have the characteristics of high oxygen index and superior flame retardant performance, which can effectively reduce circuit damage and cause further deterioration of the accident loss. Good insulation: polymer cable bridges use polymer materials, making it has good insulation, the product does not conduct electricity, high security, no current vortex, save current loss. Recyclable: polymer cable bridge production process is simple, polymer materials can be recovered and recycled, in line with environmental requirements, the concept, so as to achieve sustainable development, circular economy.

Durable and free from repair: polymer cable bridges have a particularly long service life. Compared with the traditional steel bridge, the service life is 5-8 times longer, reducing the secondary investment cost of replacing the bridge. Traditional steel bridge products corrosion resistance is poor, must be regularly painted on the bridge, overhaul, high material costs and labor costs, while the polymer cable bridge corrosion resistance, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance and repair time. Polymer cable bridges do not require power outage during overhaul, and the loss caused by its production stoppage is correspondingly reduced to relatively low, which effectively improves production efficiency. Flexible structure: The optimized design of the structure improves the flexibility and quickness of the cable bridge installation. The traditional cable tray structure is complex and requires many parts, while the new alloy plastic cable tray can greatly meet the needs of customers by using only a few dozen parts, which greatly improves the flexibility and speed of cable tray installation.

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