Air Type Low Voltage Enclosed Busway

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Air type busway is suitable for AC three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system, frequency 50~60Hz, rated voltage up to 1000V, rated working current 250A~5000A power supply system, undertaking the task of power distribution, mainly used in modern workshops, plants and high-rise buildings.

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Technical Parameters

Standard IEC60439-1~2、GB7251.1~2、UL857
Rated working current(A) 250、400、630、800、1000、1250/1600
Rated peak withstand current(kA) 40、50、63、75、85、105、120
Rated short-time withstand current(kA) 20、25、30、40、50、55
The temperature rise of the conductive parts of the busway trough does not exceed the following values when the rated current is passed for a long time
Name Maximum allowable temperature rise(K)
Connection terminals 60K
Metal housing 30K
Insulation surface 40K
Plug-in box parameters
Current(A) 32~1600
Rated working voltage(V) 400
Socket configuration Standard 3 meters long linear section, can be set up in the front and back side of 1-10 plug interface
Current level(A) Name Air type busway/4P Air type busway/5P
Dimensions Wide(mm) High(mm) Wide(mm) High(mm)
400A 168 76 168 76
500A 168 112 168 112
630A 168 101 168 101
800A 168 117 168 117
1000A 168 131 168 131
1250A 168 147 168 147
1600A 168 161 168 161
2000A 168 197 168 197
2500A 168 242 168 242
3150A 168 172 168 172
4000A 168 222 168 222
5000A 168 232 168 232
6300A 168 257 168 257


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Plugging Device


Plug In Unit


Ultra High Strength
The shell of this series bus bar is made of one piece of steel plate (Ma Steel), which greatly improves the load capacity and can guarantee a load of 60kg in the center of bus bar at a span of 6m, and the center position of the plate shell is not shifted by more than 10mm when the non-uniform temperature changes.

Extremely safe and reliable
Adopting separated air insulation type, the safety clear distance and creepage distance between phases are much larger than the standard requirements.
Internal insulation parts are made of high-strength engineering plastic, which improves the resistance of busway to movement and thermal stability.
The special construction used for the joints prevents misuse of the installation.
Safety protection baffle is set at the socket, only when the protection baffle is pulled open, the plug box can be inserted. When the socket is not in use at ordinary times, the protective baffle can be pulled closed and sealed with lead to prevent the entry of dust or foreign objects at the socket, and to prevent misuse, so that the safety performance of the bus bar is greatly improved.
There is no need to disconnect the power when plugging in the box, because the ground wire is always connected and disconnected first.

Flexible wiring
The busway jacks are modular in design, with a large number of jacks reserved for the entire system. This ensures that loads can be connected to the busway units in a short path and that no changes to the busway system are required for the addition or movement of shop equipment or shop refurbishment.

This series of busways is designed with seven current levels and uses only three levels of enclosures so that there is no need to change enclosures when the system varies capacity by adjacent current levels.

Extremely easy to install
The use of coupling with automatic compensation and single bolt clamping terminal with strong adjustability makes busway channel appear very convenient and flexible in the installation process, which greatly saves installation time.

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