Low Voltage Enclosed Copper Busway

Short Description:

Product type:CCX

Electric current Rating:250A~6300A

Protection class:IP40~IP66 rating for inhibiting flame expansion.

Applicable places:Tall structures, industrial factories, machinery construction, expansive intricate edifices.

Product features:Highly compact, efficient heat dispersion, adaptable power allocation, secure and dependable.

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Product features


Aluminum magnesium alloy enclosure

  • The CCX busway system uses an aluminum magnesium alloy casing. It has strong mechanical properties and exceptional stability. The casing is lightweight and easy to install. Its heat dissipation is three times greater than that of steel.
  • It has low magnetic properties, effectively preventing eddy current and hysteresis losses to the bus duct system.
  • It also has excellent corrosion resistance, capable of enduring over 1000 hours of salt spray testing.


  • The CCX conductor is made of copper. The raw copper material imports from overseas and forming bars in  China.
  • The content of copper in the conductor is 99.95%. The conductor surface treatment adopts a unique alloy plating process, it makes the busway have lower contact resistance. Tin plating and silver plating are optional.

③DuPont insulating materials

  • Insulation rating is at Class B, withstanding 130℃ heat.
  • Each layer can endure over 10000V of voltage.
  • It is non-toxic and free of halides even under high temperatures.

④Joint - fast and stable

  • The dual bolt torque ensures rapid and steady installation; solely a 19mm standard wrench can finalize the installation and meet the intended torque amount.
  • The unique butterfly spring guarantees enduring balance of pressure.
  • The internal conductor junction cross section exceeds that of the trunking bar by 1.2 times, and the double-sided connection can efficiently diminish contact resistance.

⑤Busway plug

  • The two terminal tabs and socket pins are completely coated with tin (silver plate as an alternative).
  • The busbar plug is furnished with a comprehensive interlock system to guaranty electrical security.
  • The socket plug's safeguarding unit is integrated with moisture-resistant silicone rubber, reaching an IP54 level of protection.

⑥Plug-in(Tap Off)Parameters

  • Rated working voltage Ue(V):400V
  • Plug-in box current(A):16A~1600A
  • Socket layout: standard straight section of 3 meters with 1 to 10 outlets on the front and back. Choice to incorporate or omit MCCB, with the option to customize the brand of the MCCB.

System Overview


①Flexible Coupling  ②Vertical Offset  ③Feeder  ④Horizontal Elbow  ⑤Horizontal offset  ⑥Vertical Elbow  ⑦Combination Elbow  ⑧Flanged End  ⑨Flanged End Plate  ⑩Rigid Vertical Hanger  ⑪Spring Vertical Hanger  ⑫Reducer  ⑬Joint Cover  ⑭Plug-in Unit  ⑮End Closer

Advanced equipment

Product Parameters

Product Name: Busway
Product type: CLX-2A
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: YG-Elec
Executive standard IEC61439-6,GB7251.6-2015
Certificate: CE CCC RoHS Reach
Rated current(A) 250A~4000A
Rated working voltage Ue(V) 380V
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) 660V
Protection Level: IP55 (with tap-off) ~IP67(without tap-off)
Rated frequency f(Hz) 50/60Hz
Conductor material: Aluminum
Color Electricity-formulated paint application, standard RAL7035 pale grey, adjustable as per preference.
Installation method Horizontal hanging bracket, spring bracket

Essential details


Wooden Case


2 Years

Supply Ability

20000 Meter/Meters per Month



Lead time



Product dimensions

Current level(A) Product Name Dense Busway/4P Dense Busway/5P
Dimensions Wide(mm) High(mm) Wide(mm) High(mm)
250A 128 92 128 92
400A 128 92 128 92
500A 128 102 128 102
630A 128 112 128 112
800A 128 127 128 127
1000A 128 147 128 147
1250A 128 167 128 167
1600A 128 207 128 207
2000A 128 257 128 257
2500A 128 307 128 307
3150A 128 402 128 402
4000A 128 482 128 482
5000A 128 482 128 482
6300A 128 582 128 582



Q:What are your prices?

A:The prices of our products fluctuate according to the daily price of raw materials and you can always contact us for the latest daily prices.

Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: Zhenjiang Sunshine Electric Group Co., Ltd.(YG-Elec) is a professional manufacturer of busway system for 20 years.

Q:What is your payment term?

A: Our usual payment is 30%TT in advance ,70%TT before shipment (the bill of landing). For small quantity, we also accept Paypal and some other ways can also be done after discussion.

Q:Can I buy samples or small orders first and is the sample fee refundable?

A: Of course. We accept samples and small orders especially for new customers and of course the sample fee will be refundable when your order is confirmed.

Q:How soon will the order be delivered?

A: The delivery time depends on the quantity you ordered, generally about 15-30 days after deposit of payment.

Q:What is the quality of your products?

A: Quality is the life of our enterprise. As a factory, we can control all processes of production 100% and every single product will be tested qualified before shipping.

Q:How long is the warranty of your products?

A: Our warranty period is usually one year. But the warranty period can be extended after discussion and agreement.

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